Welcome to Boudica Rising

Boudica was a Celtic Warrior Queen who got really pissed off when the Roman’s attacked her family and stole her land.  She rallied over 100,000 of her fellow Celts and led an attack on the Roman stronghold of what is modern day London.  The Romans retreated from the city and Boudica’s warriors destroyed it.  However, the Romans soon returned and began a vicious onslaught.  Boudica committed suicide rather than face capture.

Despite her eventual defeat, Boudica should be a heroine to women everywhere because she proved to the Romans that women aren’t sissies and that we do have the courage it takes to take on our enemies and fight for our rights.

I met Boudica about the same time I started working with The Morrigan, a Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty and Boudica and The Morrigan have inspired me to stand up for myself, to identify what I’m truly fighting for, and to accept my own sovereignty.

My mission as a Priestess and the founder of the Iseum of Bennu Rising is to help men and women heal from traumatic events and to embrace their inner strength.  Boudica is one role model who can help us all reach deep inside and I chose to name my site in her honor.

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